Dear Drew,

I want to thank you for the effort, skill and technical knowledge that you provided me during the installation of the Zero Liquid Discharge Wastewater Treatment Prototype in the test vehicle.  Without your effort, long hours and determination, I do not believe we would have the success with the unit that we currently do.  We have received our second US Patent on the new technology and are in the process of receiving 13 international patents.

Respectfully Submitted,

Namon A. Nassef
Nassef Engineering and Equipment Co., Inc.
Pensacola, FL

 "All the projects we have done with Rouse Technical Services have been huge successes.  I explain the process to Drew and he always has the correct solution.  He is also quick to help us out when we have troubleshooting issues.  He has become so familiar with our systems that often we can solve a problem over the phone.  We use him frequently in Wastewater and he has tackled other problems all over the plant."
Mavon L. Lam, Jr.
Wastewater/Fat Recovery Manager
Case Farms
Goldsboro, NC


Just wanted to pass along a note concerning Drew’s support in helping to stabilize the oven’s temperature maintenance code. Once he had an opportunity to review the code and to understand our process he was able to quickly make the changes needed to address the oscillation issue. Thanks, again.

Very best regards,

John Richards
Design Analysis Inc.
Jacksonville, FL. 32254

​Rouse Technical Services LLC